♥ Friday, July 3, 2009

sing K in neway~

tuesday...i noe it was few days ago,coz i kinda lazy to update,so wait till now...lol~

12pm more,when we were sitting n chatting in the OA class,suddenly jessie gave her idea about wan go sing K or not...juz bcoz so boring...n we also feel lik wan to go...agree wit her then call everyone tat might wan to go too...all got class!!! so tat juz jessie,suwen,yong jia n me go ahead~

reach neway...we booked the room from 1pm to 4pm...jessie got member card,so we got discount for it...then call verone n vincent...they promise tat after 4pm wil come join us,so we ask for the extent time from 4 to 7...suddenly..verone said didnt come ad coz her mum ask her bck home for some personal problem...vincent also dunwan come alone...but finally,we(me n suwen) successfully forced him come to join us,lol~ sry lo~but u seem sang happily wit us also~haha!

after tat,lingyn came to fetch us bck...thx lingyn~^^

Footprints,7:07 AM